TaTU Faculty of Business Had a Media Interaction on New B-Tech Programmes

Post Date:  November 28 2021

The Faculty of Business  of TaTU held  press briefing to share with public information on the newly introduced Bachelor of Technology programmes in the faculty.

Briefing the press in the ICT auditorium on Tuesday 28th September, 2021, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Abdul- Razak Abubakari presented the vision and mission of the faculty and emphasized that the Faculty is to train values-based business leaders  resourced with innovative skills mix to become national and global change agents. To realize the mission, a number of strategies are adopted and one of such is the introduction of unique business programmes. These programmes are Bachelor of Technology in: Applied Accounting, Management, Logistics and Procurement Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. There have been additional HND programmes in Bilingual Secretaryship, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Purchasing and Supply and others. He expressed the intention to train students in the faculty to become job creators other than job seekers.

On the uniqueness of the newly introduced programmes, he said “Other’s may run these programmes by name, but we are more about the practicality, thus giving students the requisite practical experience to be job creators other than job seekers”. All our new programmes are embedded with relevant software packages to give the students the appropriate innovative skills required in the industry. Besides that, the programmes have the relevant soft skills mix that will make our students adaptable to any work environment and become appropriate fit to any team they are to work with.

“Our B. Tech in Management and the BTech in Entrepreneurship and Innovation offer opportunities for the students to be exposed to incubation experience and internships. The Management students have option of choosing vocational in other facilities courses as their electives”.

He therefore recommends Tamale Technical University’s  Faculty of Business for every student who have interest in pursuing business courses to the high levels, as they may be more resourced than others who opt to study in other universities.

The Dean also encouraged the media to frequently engage members of the faculty in the discussion of public issues relevant to business development and on the economy.

The program was attended by the  Heads of Department in the Faculty and the Director of Public Affairs of the University